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Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets is the story of a six-and-a-half year, 56 country, 40,000 mile circumnavigation from three perspectives is amusing, engrossing, uplifting, entertaining, informative and a book that is hard to put down.

  • demonstrates that cruising is possible, practical and enjoyable for almost everyone.
  • describes some of the usual places and many unusual ones from a very different, perhaps skewed, perspective
  • is a true-life reality show, featuring real people in real, but extraordinary situations
  • weaves a compelling case for taking children cruising for their benefit and for the benefit of their parents
  • follows the development of a reluctant, sea-sick spouse into a cruising devotee
  • is the book for those who enjoy wit and humor mixed with true stories and adventures..

I have read countless books and many journals of trips and great adventures, but this is my favorite. The reality of their experience is impossible to desribe and the stories are nothing short of enchanting…It is truly a keeper.   —Linda Smith, Santa Ynez, California

For those who plan on cruising, Chasing Sunsets is the book that will give the best look at what it’s really like when you’re out there. Easy reading with good insights.   —Bob Bitchin, Publisher, “Latitudes & Attitudes”

Steering You Straight

One hundred thirty-eight essential pieces of knowledge including:

  • Why you should never leave port on a Friday.
  • How much toilet paper is enough?
  • What to do if struck by lightning (the author was).
  • The correct dress code on a nude beach.
  • What medical supplies to carry.

And how to:

  • Compromise and keep your co-captain.
  • Deal with officials all around the world.
  • Safely cruise in coral.
  • Plan your passages to provide a reasonable expectancy of a safe arrival.
  • Anchor without divorce as an immediate consequence.

Laurie’s “Cruising Tips” is a popular monthly feature in Latitudes &
, and Steering You Straight expands on those articles, providing
with humor, real, practical, first-hand solutions. It makes a great reference
manual and will go a long way towards helping cruisers become as
competent and laid-back as I am. -Bob Bitchin, Publisher
Latitudes & Attitudes


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