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About Lawrence (Laurie) Pane

Born and raised on a sugar-cane farm in North Queensland, Australia, Laurie’s earliest water experiences involved swimming to school during floods, and taking a small dinghy miles out to sea to fish on the coral reefs. With age came some sense, and he moved to racing catamarans in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay. Two children, a job, and a house, eventually won out, and for many years he was land-bound. A move from Australia to Los Angeles, and a second wife, stirred the salt in his veins. They began serious bareboat chartering, principally in Tonga and the Whitsunday Islands. A couple of Newport to Ensenada races completed the conversion. After a year of searching, “Dolphin Spirit” was purchased in 1993. Believing his wife’s fight against breast cancer was won, they began serious planning and preparation for a circumnavigation. Sadly, it was not to be together. Acting on her wishes, and on Laurie’s determination to make life special for their then six year old son, Ryan, the planning continued. With a third wonderful lady in his life, Laurie finally decided preparations would never be completed, so they set off from Los Angeles. Back on land he resumed his International Marketing Consulting work – them that can do, them that can’t consult!

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science from Queensland University.
Sailing related articles and photographs published in Sailing, Sail, Cruising World,
Latitudes and Attitudes and Latitude 38 magazines.
Cancer related articles published in Coping magazine.
Travel related articles published in several local newspapers.
Commentary columns published in several newspapers.

About Carole Wells Pane

Born in Glendale, California, and spending most of her life in beautiful, down-town Burbank, Carole’s only link with the sea was her regular holiday at Laguna Beach. An elementary school teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District for more than 25 years, she spent only two years out of California, in Connecticut. When her marriage suddenly ended, she spent a couple of years regaining her confidence and self-esteem, and succeeded to such an extent that, when Laurie appeared, she could accept with equanimity, his proposal for a radical change in life style. Though prone to seasickness, had never sailed, had never been out of the U.S., and was very attached to her home and family, she became an enthusiastic partner in the planning, and on the eventual voyage. Her enthusiasm has only grown over the years. She has become a real mother to Ryan, the role she enjoys most of all. Back in reality, she rejoined LAUSD as a Math Coach.

Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Clear Life Teaching Credential, CSUN.
Sailing related article published in Latitudes and Attitudes.

About Ryan Pane

Born in Los Angeles, holding both Australian and US passports, Ryan made his first international trip when he was just three months old. By his fourth birthday he was a very experienced traveler. His first sail, a three week charter in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands when he was less than a year old, was followed by others, including one in Tonga. A dedicated fisherman, he has become renowned for his ability to catch fish in places where others fail. Always the first to make friends with locals of all ages, he has provided his parents with a fresh and often different view of places visited. Now an honors graduate from high school and attending the University of California, Santa Barbara, he is giving the real world a try.


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